terça-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2007


Arik Sinai, one of the most important musicians in Israel, has the lowest voice in Israel, that reminds of Leonard Cohen sometimes – is now available in a double album which includes all of his massive hits, such as Goodbye Song, Like Many Years Ago, When The Water Is Good and Hey Man (Friend).

Release Year: 2004
Record Label: NMC
Tracks List:


1. Goodbye Song

2. Forget Me You Said

3. Walking Around And Singing

4. Gravel Road

5. Sycamore Garden

6. A Carriage of Lucerne

7. Until it's Finished

8. Like Many Years Ago

9. I Couldn't Tell

10. Good Reason

11. If You're Around

12. I an Hour Like This

13. Pretending

14. Heavy Shadow

15. After The Boats Are Leaving

16. Go to The Fields

17. Evening In Front of the Gilead

18. Again (With Chava Alberstein)


1. Green Child

2. At The End Of A Circle

3. Things

4. Home

5. Hey Galit

6. Cold Sabra Fruit

7. Hello There Sad Hope

8. The Poet

9. A Girl From The Bohemia

10. Now

11. Soft As Silk

12. She's Not Alike

13. Quietly Gains

14. Until Down There

15. When The Water Is Good

16. Rumors About Rain

17. Hey Man (Friend)

18. Addicted